2009 Award Winners

2009 Award Winners

Accenture Services Limited India is the winner of the inaugural Asian Human Capital Award 2009. Accenture India's Competency-Based Talent Management Practices emerged as the most outstanding entry as it:

  • addressed the complex challenges of its local labour market;
  • was developed locally and adopted by other global offices;
  • involved a sizable workforce of 40,000 employees;
  • had an impressive impact on recruitment and employee engagement;
  • and was innovative and a worthy standard for other organisations to aspire to. 
Ahca Winners
Winner 2009: Accenture.

On behalf of the people of Accenture, we are pleased to receive this prestigious award by the Dept of Manpower, Singapore.Identifying, building and continually enhancing the proficiency and leadership capabilities of our people is both good business sense and the right thing to do. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive approach to talent management. It permeates all aspects of our business including recruiting, staffing, performance management and rewards and recognition, so our people can help our clients achieve high performance. This award is a testament to the focus we have in building our people, it is truly a capstone.

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